Decarbonisation & Net Zero Agenda

How we can help

At gjk consultants we believe every business has a key role in reducing their carbon footprint and impact to the environment. The climate crisis requires everyone to play a part in changing the way we live.

Working with key stakeholders, we provide comprehensive organisational reviews of current carbon output and using our experts we develop achievable decarbonisation strategies together with costed programme plans.

We specialise in working with large scale housing providers on developing and implementing their energy efficiency and decarbonisation strategies, ensuring any impact on organisational capacity are considered as part of this process.

The Net Zero agenda is not just the responsibility of your assets or facilities teams, but crosses all departments, be it electric vehicles and charging points, procurement or employee incentives and our experts can help navigate you through the complexities of choices available.

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Energy Saving Solutions that will save money

If you’re looking to maximise the cost-efficiency of your property, we can help you.

We specialise in delivering energy saving solutions to your property that will save you money and aid the environment.

Our energy consultants have experience in helping businesses reduce their energy spending by offering services that will improve their management of energy consumption and advising them on how best to minimise it.

Organisations we have helped